Sunday • 9AM • 10:30AM

Mission Statement

To Expand the Kingdom of God by inviting others to Explore the faith,

Experience God, and Extend service to others in the name of Jesus Christ.

Vision Statement

Caring Within & Reaching Out, That All May Know Christ

Core Values

All people are loved by God and the church.

Life change is enhanced in the context of a small group.

Whole-hearted devotion to Christ is the standard for all believers.

The Bible is culturally relevant and personally transforming for modern people.

Authentic faith in Christ is expressed in personal witness and social holiness.

Personal prayer is the key to spiritual and societal renewal.

Every follower of Christ is a minister of Christ.

Excellence honors God and inspires people.

United Methodist Church

We are a United Methodist congregation with rich heritage stemming from our beginnings in Madison in 1962. For more information on the United Methodist Church,
please visit